Laser dental treatment

Solving dental problems with laser is a modern and innovative solution to preserve your natural teeth. It also treats all your dental needs in one session, so you get a brighter and more attractive smile using the latest technologies and with the best doctors.

What problems does laser treat in dentistry?

Laser helps treat many dental problems, including:

Laser root canal treatment

Laser root canal therapy is a simple and highly effective procedure that uses laser technology to remove infected or damaged tissue and bacteria from the tooth and root canals, while sparing healthy tissue. This simple procedure can be completed in one appointment, eliminating the need for multiple visits to the dentist, and the patient does not have a long recovery time and experiences minimal pain or discomfort. This treatment is an innovative and effective alternative to root canal and traditional root canal treatment, which involves the use of dental drills and hand tools.

The experienced and skilled dental team at ismile Dental Center is dedicated to caring for patients at the highest level and by using the latest advances in dental technology, to ensure you receive a distinctive treatment that meets your individual needs.

Gum pigmentation treatment with laser

It is a procedure designed to remove excess gum pigmentation, which results from a variety of factors, such as genetics, aging, certain medications, or smoking. The result is an uneven or dark pigmented gum color that detracts from the beauty of your smile.

Laser gum depigmentation is a non-surgical, painless procedure that uses a special laser to remove excess pigmentation from the gums. This technique is safe and effective and can be performed in one visit to the center.

Treat tooth and gum diseases with laser for greater accuracy, fewer complications, and faster recovery than traditional oral surgery methods


Getting rid of a gummy smile with laser

Laser gum sculpting is a cosmetic dental treatment used to correct the gum line by reshaping and removing excess gum tissue using a laser. With laser gum contouring, you can say goodbye to your gummy smile and smile with confidence.

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Laser pain control

Pain is a common and recurring concern when treating hidden dental disease. We understand how pain and discomfort affect the quality of life, so at ismile Dental Center we use laser technology to provide a simple and highly effective treatment option without pain and in the fastest time. Laser therapy can be used for a variety of conditions, including toothache, gum pain, and even jaw pain.

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