We postpone many dental treatment procedures day after day for fear of the pain we feel in the dental clinic, especially fear of local anesthesia. At Ismile Dental Center, there is no need to fear as there is an alternative to injecting local anesthesia through electronic dental anesthesia.

What is electronic dental anesthesia?

Electronic dental anesthesia is a method of anesthetizing the teeth without injections or needles. It is a small device that stimulates the nerves in the targeted area of ​​the teeth and mouth through the skin (TENS) and relieves pain.

Small pieces of sponge are placed in the area to be anesthetized, and are attached to the control box to determine the degree of anesthesia the doctor needs. Without using any injections, the patient feels a slight itch and then within two minutes the teeth are under anesthesia. Electronic anesthesia is considered safer for some patients than traditional anesthesia, as there are those who suffer from allergic reactions to certain types of anesthesia.

The most important features of electronic dental anesthesia are:

Electronic dental anesthesia guarantees you a dental treatment session without pain or fear


Use of electronic dental anesthesia for children

With an electronic dental sedation machine, your child will not feel any pain or anxiety when visiting the dentist. This device works electronically through the skin, providing a unique and comfortable experience for your child during dental treatment.
This device, which works with modern technology, helps in accurately anesthetizing the teeth without causing any pain. It uses a small electronic system to introduce anesthesia without injection, which reduces anxiety and stress in children.

The electronic dental anesthesia machine has many advantages, including:

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